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How the
Family Tree grew

Since opening our first childcare service in April 2015, it has been our passion for children that makes everything we do and strive for, achievable.

Whilst our passion has created a high level of quality in our existing services, founders Vanessa and Tracey are now building on this and expanding our passion into child development.

It takes a seed
to grow

Our passion and search for continuous improvement has led us to incorporate the latest research of early brain development into our education and care program. We want to share this with all our families as we stive to provide opportunities for lifelong learning and success.

We know by age five, 90% of the brain is fully developed and we are looking to share our knowledge with as many families as possible.

Our Mission

Our business was founded around a passion for excellent quality early education and care, reflected through the services we offer to families with young children. This allows for children to make strong social, emotional and educational progress from an early age, while simultaneously enabling families the ability to pursue their own careers and lives outside of parenting.

The Family Tree team’s passion for excellence in early childhood development is focused on maximizing each child’s opportunity in this sensitive period between Birth and Age 5, providing strong foundations for lifelong learning.

Our continual goal is to create safe, welcoming, comfortable and inclusive environments for families, children and staff alike. We continue to achieve these goals through acknowledging the valued feedback and input of our internal and external communities who provide us with ways in which to change, improve and continually reassess practices and procedures.

Our educators are a team of outstanding, passionate and highly motivated individuals who continue to align themselves with our core values and beliefs. Their level of commitment to the children and families is not only reflected in their daily work but creates the high level of service that our centres provide. In addition to this, our team are passionate about the industry and are constantly learning and interacting within it.

All levels of staff, including management, operate in a manner which is highly respectful of one another and the environment in which they work. As a small business we respect our suppliers and acknowledge that what they provide allows for us to exist and run smoothly.

Our business is family owned and operated, with an exceptionally high level of communication maintained across both employees and families. We encourage feedback from all community members.

In order to benefit staff, families and children, we choose to reinvest financially into new and exciting technologies, products and services where we see the potential to better our community.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the overall service that we are providing and are not afraid to invest in this when we deem it of true benefit to you and your family.

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