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What is our
Thrive Environment?

A child, like a young sapling reaches towards the sun, absorbing nourishment from its surroundings and blossoming into a strong vibrant tree,

To thrive as a child is to flourish, grow and develop in a positive and healthy manner. When a child thrives, they experience optimal learning, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

At birth a child is born with 100 billion neurons or brain cells. Our Thrive Environment is about connecting as many of these neurons as possible.

Parent and

The importance of families feeling welcome, respected, empowered and working in a collaborative manner, is an important element of our Thrive Environment.

Positive connections between parents and educators have been shown to improve children’s social and emotional wellbeing. When parents and educators work as partners, children excel.

Collaborative partnerships are built on mutual trust, open communication and empathy. When parents and educators share information, concerns, and aspirations, this creates a Thrive Environment for learning.

In the first five years of life, more than one million neural connections are formed every second – a pace never repeated again.

Educator and
Child Relationship

The concept of ‘professional love’ in early childhood education and care has been gaining momentum as educators and researchers recognize its profound impact on child development and wellbeing.

When infants seek close proximity to their key adult, it reflects their normal and healthy desire for comfort and affection.

Research reveals that appropriate loving relationships between adults and children in early years settings, foster feelings of safety, security, and love, which are vital for optimal learning and development.

It is the quality of care, love, nurturing and responsiveness through daily contact between the educator and child, that influences child development.

Highly Trained

Qualified educators with access to regular professional development, possess a deeper understanding of child development.They are well versed in developmental milestones being cognitive, emotional, social, motor and language development.

This knowledge allows them to tailor their interactions and activities specific to each child’s needs.

The design of stimulating age appropriate activities fosters curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.


A rich and varied environment encourages children to explore, discover and learn. This creates strong foundations for lifelong learning, curiosity and holistic development.

When surrounded by interesting materials, they become curious and engage actively with their surroundings. When children find resources that interest them, they feel valued and important. This positive self-perception is vital for building self-esteem and confidence.
A well designed learning environment supports social, emotional, cognitive, motor and language development. It becomes a space where children thrive and reach their full potential.

Happy and

Positivity ripples through the learning environment. When educators are joyful and content, they create an uplifting atmosphere. Children pick up on these positive vibes, which fosters their own emotional well-being.

Happy educators’ model healthy emotions and coping strategies. Joyful educators model resilience. When faced with challenges, they maintain a positive outlook.

Children observe these coping strategies and learn to navigate setbacks. Happy educators build our Thrive Environment.

Safety and
Child Protection

All children have the right to experience quality education and care in a safe and healthy environment whether physical, emotional, or social. Family Tree Child Development Centres prioritise safety to ensure our children thrive and develop optimally.

Our Educators play a crucial role in preventing harm. By adhering to extremely high safety standards as well as thorough systems and processes, risk to children having accidents and injuries is radically minimised.

Thrive in our Safe Environment.

Child Development Curriculum

Our Child Development Centre sets the foundation for future learning and guides children towards a happy and successful adulthood.

During these crucial years, children’s brains are highly receptive and more than 90% of brain development occurs. A robust curriculum ensures that children engage in meaningful experiences that promote emotional, social, cognitive, language and motor development.

An effective curriculum recognises that each child is unique and caters to individual needs, interests, and strengths.

Family Tree Child Development Centre promotes well rounded development, ensuring that children thrive in all aspects of life.

Parent & Educator
Child Development Tracker

It just isn’t about numbers and data, its about understanding each child’s unique journey and ensuring they maximize the window of opportunity in the first 1800 days of life.

By monitoring a child’s progress, educators can assess their development across various domains. This includes emotional, social, cognitive, language and motor growth. Understanding where each child stands allows for targeted support and tailored learning experiences.

Regular progress updates keep parents informed about their child’s development. Parents appreciate insights into their child’s learning journey, milestones achieved, and areas for improvement. This collaboration between educators and parents fosters a supportive Thrive environment.

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